The Boob Tube

I definitely watch way too much TV. Each year around the end of the TV season I reach some sort of critical mass where I just want to throw out the TV and not watch anything again, and use the time I spend in front of the zombie box in much better ways. Way, way too much time. And yet— and this is weak, really weak— I can’t not watch the damn TV shows through the respective season finales because of the inertia that’s built up from watching them all season…

But the irony is, I’d be spending a lot more time in front of the computer, so that’s probably not really much better. Depending on what I’m doing at the computer, of course.

One great reason to love the summer: reruns (sad but true); you don’t have to watch TV at all because you’re not caught in that vicious circle of keeping up with new episodes of this show or that show… and the reclaimed time is wonderful.