Procrastination; Father’s Day; Summer Reading

Ack. I’ve been letting my mutant ability for procrastination take over on this site, and I haven’t even finished getting the relatively simple stuff done that I had intended— like, making the “Check it Out” area handle more than one item, or putting up more background material. Or perhaps I shouldn’t chalk it all up to procrastination; my interest level in various projects ebbs and flows like the tide. Probably just got caught up in an eddy before getting back on track…

And of course, today was Father’s Day. It was a good day; I got several books and got to spend my day playing with the kids and relaxing. And got to drink some Pike Kilt Lifter (though it was flat).

My summer reading list:
Content Management Bible by Bob Boiko
Programming Jabber by DJ Adams
Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King
Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter

And more to come…