I’m Back!

This past month since I last posted has been a very transitional one.

I quit my job with Alpine, and I’m taking on a new one in September. I’ve got slightly less than three weeks off as of now. Of course, that means I’ve had to change servers; I no longer have the convenient access to everything I needed on the Alpine servers to play with my websites.

I’m going with Pair Networks as they offer an affordable, reliable service with PHP and MySQL. So now, chuggnutt.com is brought to you by Pair!

Anywho… during the decision-making period to leave one job for another, and the subsequent “last days” with Alpine, I’ve neglected my site. Not that I imagine anyone was reading it anyway, apart from a few family or friends. But, it’s back. I’m back.

In other news, I made a batch of homebrew today. For the first time in 2½ years.

2½. Years.

Keeping in mind that I used to make a lot of beer. Not as much as some homebrewing friends I have who are fanatical about it, but more than average. But, once the kids were born, I just didn’t find the time… or so I told myself…

And I’d been thinking about it lately. So, enough was enough. I’ve got (nearly) three weeks off, so yesterday we went to the homebrew shop, bought some basic ingredients (pale malt extract, ½ lb. 40L crystal malt, 2 oz. Cascade hops, dry ale yeast) and a wine kit for my wife, and today made the beer and the wine.

The beer is bubbling happily away as I write this. The house smells like malt and hops.

I’ve missed this.