Reality TV?

This is apparently the season where the limits break down on primetime TV.

And I’m not just talking ’bout cable.

For instance, tonight was the second week now that “NYPD Blue” has used “bullshit” out of the, er, blue. On ABC.


I wasn’t as blindsided by it as I was last week, but still. Remember when “NYPD Blue” first came out, there was such an uproar over the use of “adult” language on TV? And partial nudity? Anyone?

With that in mind, I’d’ve expected to have heard something about it, somewhere, beforehand. But no, not a peep.

In general, too, this season on TV looks to be testing boundaries all around. From the… incident… on “ER” (I’d hate to spoil the surprise for those who might not have seen it yet), to the first episode of “Firefly” where the captain kicked the bad guy into the massive spaceship engine. I feel like I’ve been rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

And I hope this trend continues.

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