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  1. Hey, thanks for blogging about us. Just one note: the cost of the conference is actually just $799.99 per person–that includes both the cruise and conference (and all the food and non-alcoholic or carbonated beverages). All you have to pay for besides the cruise fare is the airfare. That’s it! Just $800 will get you there.

    Sorry if the entry on our site wasn’t clear. We’ll try to make it a bit less confusing.



  2. I should have been more clear about this when I blogged it: I was quoting the Full Suite (double occupancy) price plus the Full Suite Companion fare (found at http://www.phparch.com/cruise/signup.php). The Inside Cabin (double occupancy) price is indeed $799.99.

    Didn’t mean to be misleading! I just meant if my wife and I were to go, we’d like to go in style 😉

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