More Fun Links

A large part of the process of writing, I think, is just throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks. Doesn’t matter if you’re writing online content (like blogs), or fiction, or news, or whatever.

Anyway. Some more fun links from around the Web.

Tha Shizzolator is another one of those goofy translator sites, only this one is from Snoop Dogg and translates to “shizzle”. It’s pretty funny. Try it on my site. is a site that is dedicated to collecting and archiving (you guessed it) text files from old BBS systems from 1980 through 1995. Those of you who remember the old Bulletin Board System days (like me) should have a good time with this. Plus, it’s important; as is eloquently stated on the site, “everyone finding themselves drawn online should know what happened before, to see where it all really started to come together and to know what went on, before it’s forgotten.”