How to Win a Barfight

Another fun little tidbit reprinted from a friend’s daily “Survival” calendar.

Most state laws stipulate that you may use sufficient force to stop the attack, but you may not deliver any sort of punitive retribution to your attacker. Knowing this may save you a costly trip to court.

  1. Attack the most sensitive areas of your opponent: eyes, groin, knee, and throat.
    Stay close; if your opponent is large he will need room to hit you.
  2. Attack repeatedly and be efficient.
    Make fast, repeated blows to any or all sensitive areas.
  3. If necessary, use a weapon.
    Choices include telephones, pens, bottles, books, beer mugs, coffee cups, and keys.
  4. Protect yourself from additional attackers by fighting with your back to (but not up against) a corner or wall.