Bye bye, UPN

As reported on and confirmed on our local cable provider BendCable’s website, BendCable has dropped UPN entirely. Apparently BendCable didn’t want the competition from a new UPN-affiliate that’s scheduled to launch here in January 2004. So, they got pissy and as of now, UPN channel 12 is off the air.

The only show I watch on UPN is Enterprise, so it’s not like I’m missing out on a lot of TV, but what bothers me is that this is the kind of stupid shit BendCable does. This is a provider that doesn’t even offer basic channels like FX or Comedy Central, and up until a few years ago didn’t even offer MTV.


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  1. Well, you should be able to also pull basic cable off that line, too. Get a splitter, if you’ve only got 1 outlet, and see what happens.

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