Navel Gazing

I’ve been reviewing the web server logs for my site, and decided to self-indulge and post some interesting stats here online to bore you all. Read on if you’re interested.

The 10 most popular pages, in order:

  1. Free Palm Reader eBooks
  2. Home page
  3. What’s Your Matrix Name?
  4. rss.xml (syndicated XML feed)
  5. HTML to Text Converter
  6. HTML to Text source
  7. Word Stemmer
  8. Stemmer source
  9. Geographic Codes
  10. Geographic Codes source

Interestingly, none of those (except the home page) have anything to do with the actual blog. Plus, the ebooks page gets about 3 times as much traffic as all the rest.

The top 5 most popular blog entries, in order:

  1. New Urban Legend
  2. What’s Your Matrix Name?
  3. Friendster
  4. What are all the colors of the rainbow?
  5. Palm Reader eBooks

Odd queries people type into search engines to reach my site (exact phrase entered, my commentary in italics):

  • how to beat darth bandon (This puzzled me quite a lot, since Bandon is a town in Oregon, until I figured out “Darth Bandon” is a Sith character in one of the Star Wars video games)
  • hustler channel
  • what’s your name?
  • Richie Sambora wallpaper
  • old lady sex (Not what you think. They got here from this because of this blog entry)
  • portland english townhomes
  • what’s your samurai name
  • definition of “parts unknown” (seems pretty self-explanatory to me)
  • scrappy doo patterns
  • Most important things in a operating room
  • effects of too much television
  • batsuits from the movie are sale (???)
  • animation Misery Loves company… from a little worm (What in the hell…?)
  • You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die (Out of context, this is awful but terribly, terriby funny to me… in context, it’s again this blog entry)
  • braille wallpaper border (yes, the blind CAN enjoy wallpaper)
  • napoleon comic strip (Hmmm… maybe I’ll do one)
  • survival tips sinking car (#1 tip: better type faster)
  • samurai homebrew bumper (Sounds like a badly translated anime series, or something along the lines of “All your base are belong to us”)

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  1. heh… these were about as scary as they get, most of the searches are boring– endless variations of "free palm ebooks" or somesuch. Lucky, I guess 😉

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