My friend/business partner and I are launching several new websites, and I’m pointing to one here: BendBuzz. He’s taking the lead on this one, but I’m totally behind it. It’s a weblog-type site devoted to Bend and Central Oregon—not necessarily news per se (which has pretty well covered), but for anything we can think of. Kind of like Slashdot for Bend. Check it out. It’s brand new, so there’s not much content to see yet, but that’ll change quickly. Also, I encourage anyone local to Bend to head over and feel free to contribute. We’re open to just about anything.

4 Replies to “BendBuzz”

  1. Looks kind of like a Nuke site. Community sites like that are very difficult to get off the ground. I’d recommend starting with the high-school age kids, they take to online communities better than other age groups.

  2. It’s Geeklog, actually. ( Wouldn’t have my personal first choice (I might’ve just gone straight to writing my own 😉 ), but it’s what my buddy’s been using and getting good with.

    Agreed about the community-oriented sites; they can be a bitch to get off the ground. The biggest problem I’m having with it right now is finding time to actually come up with content! But we’ll see.

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