Installed NetOffice, PHP project management software, this morning to better manage my various Web projects. Once it’s up and working, it’s a pretty slick piece of software. Had some trouble installing it and getting it to work initially, though.

First, after it’s installed, it prompts to you log in to start using the software—with a username and password. The only password I gave it was an administrator password, and the documentation I had didn’t indicate what the username is to log in with. I correctly guessed the username was “admin,” but then the system wouldn’t let me in, it kept giving me a “Session error” message. I was finally able to make that go away by disabling NetOffice’s custom session management routines and letting the system default to PHP’s native session handling. The files I had to modify for this were includes/library.php, general/login.php, and projects_site/index.php.

Pain in the ass, but that fixed it, and now it works pretty well.

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  1. Do you have any installation instructions for NetOffice? I have noticed a lot of requests in discussion groups wanting installation instructions but to no avail.

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