A Little Ensight

Jeremy Wright over on Ensight has wrote up some good commentary to my Thoughts on Content Management post from a few days back. He’s hit on the exact points that prompted me to explore this topic: “most CMS’s are piss poorly designed” (which is exactly right; most are piss-poorly designed, I’m just as guilty of this as anybody), and “there is no need to choose how you are managing your content until it is actually time to manage it.” (Emphasis mine.) Right on.

And, here’s some kudos from Jeremy that caught me entirely off-guard:

Jon, over at Chuggnut.com, is one of my favourite writers. Balanced, fair and most importantly, intelligent.

Wow. That’s a damn nice thing to say, Jeremy—thank you! (To everyone else, sorry for the ego-stroking; I’ll try not to let it go to my head… too much.)