Picking up the pace

Now that the holidays are over, perhaps I’ll pick up the pace again and blog more. I noticed this same trend last year; my blogging nearly died off in November and December. I guess I get distracted by the holidays and rather than blogging, fill my time with other activities when I have the energy, like catching up on reading, putting up decorations, etc.

On a fun note, my brother and his wife who live in San Diego surprised everybody by driving up on New Year’s Eve. Hadn’t seen them since this time last year, when they got married in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, they have to leave soon—it’s quite a drive back. But it’s awesome while it lasts.

2 Replies to “Picking up the pace”

  1. I read your "friendster is so slow" post via Google (it is sooo slow) and can offer a different perspective. You *can* search friends if you have none… just search by name. That’s right. Pick a name and find all the "jane Doe’s" and invite them to be your friend. Worked for me so far… kinda neet. And the first few were actually way cool and shared alot in common!

  2. Interesting. Offtopic for this particular post, but just today someone invited me to be their friend in Friendster that I didn’t know. Same person?

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