Since it’s all official, I guess I’d better blog it: We’re buying a new house! (Insert fanfare sound effects here.)

Not just any old house, either, but one that we’re buying through the company I’m working for, Pennbrook Homes (so essentially I’m getting even more into bed with my employer, yeah yeah…). Pennbrook builds homes in the area and we’re choosing one in the Terrango Glen development up in northeast Bend; we’ll be moving across town. Of course, in order to make this work, we need to sell our current home, so the last couple of weeks we’ve been focused on cleaning, decluttering and packing up half of what we own to make our place presentable. (Yeah, that’s the sucky part.)

As an aside, anyone looking to move to beautiful Bend, Oregon? We can set you up with a killer house on a large lot in southeast Bend in a great, quiet neighborhood. Great location!

Heh. Anyway. I’m debating whether I want to blog the home buying and selling process extensively, similar to what Jeremy Zawodny is doing, but I doubt I’ll write much. We already know what we’re buying and what customizations we get to pick out, so the big question mark here is selling our place. Perhaps I’ll write up some tips to selling a home as we go.

Tip #1: Get a realtor! A good oneā€”ask around. The money you would otherwise save is much better spent on someone with the knowledge and expertise that you don’t have to sell a home.