Office Agoraphobia

This week the office is being rearranged—furniture, computers, phones, etc. The net effect for me is that I get a significantly larger office space all to myself—and all that extra space is kinda freaking me out. :)

3 Replies to “Office Agoraphobia”

  1. And you’re whining? I’m running out of space, and I’m starting to take over the desk of a part-timer here at work. It’s starting to freak *her* out 😉

  2. Just observing 😉

    This extra space is gradually getting filled up by other stuff too–so it’s kind of a dual office space/storage space…

  3. I was thinking i work in a big open plan office like a lot of people, and i keep looking at the vcacant little offices and dreaming. My plan is simple
    develop mild agrophobia and report my case to HR
    one of 3 things could happen.
    i get the office 🙂
    i get to work from home 🙂
    or i get forced to take treatment for it 🙁

    anyone else have a better plan

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