Casting Call

From, Big-time movie director holding open casting call in Portland: Gus Van Sant is looking for people for his next movie:

…show up on Sunday, Feb. 29, for an open casting call for Portland writer-director Gus Van Sant’s latest movie, a story about rock ‘n’ roll in the Northwest grunge heyday.

The casting call will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. February 29 at the Child Services Center of the Portland Public Schools located at 531 S.E. 14th Avenue at Stark.

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  1. Only those who really appreciate the significance of the 90s grunge movement should show up for the casting call. Otherwise you’re undeserving of any fame, or opportunity, you may recieve from involvement.

  2. Heh. If you’re going to find people who really appreciate the significance of the grunge movement, it *is* here in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. In response to Sara. It’s called acting. If I play a Nazi in a World War 2 movie does that mean I should appreciate the extermination of a race of people? Or if I play a scientist do I necessarily need to know how to invent time travel? I think talent should come before someone who digs grunge music. I would have loved to play Lester Bangs in Almost Famous, I love that type of music, but I’m not a very good actor. Do I give a fuck if Phillip Seymour Hoffman digs that stuff? No. Do you, really?

  4. I was at a casting call for the same film in Eugene about a half a year ago. it is really awesome to see that it is still going through. the same casting director who did Elephant is doing this film too, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves and how it will capture the intensity of the NW grunge scene. That era has a lot to say about youth and the struggle in our cracked out society! I mean just look at Nirvana and everything that happened there with Kurt. The world that he hated so much was the same society that idolized him. Wierd, huh? Good luck to all you eager people who go to the call. 🙂

  5. Bryant,
    I’m simply saying that I personally don’t want to watch a movie that is full of people who are acting for the money and fame instead of the satisfaction of being involved with such a touching and important project. So yes, I am implying that if you play a Nazi, maybe you should know some background on WWII. And yes, I actually do care if Phillip Seymore Hoffman really does have incredible taste in music. Acting may be pretending you are someone that you’re not, but it is also bringing out a person that’s inside of you. You can not take a character and make them up completely because then there is no emotion or connection that you have with that person that you are pretending to be.

  6. I wonder if Mudhoney will be in it…I wish i could be in it, but im too young by a couple years. Oh well. It’ll be a good film though, hopefully.

  7. I saw Mudhoney a few years back in Portland at La Luna, I think it was. Pretty good show. Would Mudhoney play themselves, I wonder?

  8. Mudhoney played on the Chris Farley flick, "Black Sheep," plus had a few lines, and they have also gone on the Bill Nye The Science Guy show, and done the theme song once. So, anything’s possible.

  9. man dont anybody listen to blood circus anymore????grunge my cold sided ass,it was called scum rock-those of you who think calvin is a big dick raise your hands&am-rep would beat sup-pop in a broken bottle bathtub fight anyday.helios creed,the cows,chokebore,killdozer,rancid vat,lets make a 5 million doller cheap ass movies about them.devon the drunkin janator rest in peace brother i love you&i will never forget…75-04 with what i have left that can still love-buddy b-wilkinson,hey gus if you ever look at these(ya right)e-mail me at if yu ever want some great northwest look real neat in a movie i sware…let me know when the next try out is ill be there with my might collection of jackalopes

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