Back with links

Okay, yes, so I didn’t write anything here last night, the first time since the beginning of the year that I missed a night. I actually felt a little guilty about that. Keeps me honest, I guess. Anyway, I’m back tonight with some links.

The first is, courtesy of ongoing. On the front page, Topix appears to be a news site that aggregates the news from umpteen online sources. Ho-hum, Google News anyone? But the cool thing happens when you give it your zipcode to get local news; BAM! suddenly you get a page devoted to your city/region, and I have to say, the Bend, Oregon News page is one of the best local news pages I’ve seen online. Not just news, either; local weather, sports, resources, even Amazon bestsellers for Bend. Color me impressed.

And call me crazy, but I’d swear Topix was developed in PHP.

The next link is to BlogBinders, courtesy of Adam Curry. It’s a site/service that will turn your blog into a bound book. Interesting. I remember quite a while ago reading an article on blogging where this idea was suggested, and I thought it was eye-opening. I wonder, though, that a lot of blog entries revolve around linking to other sites—I can’t imagine this translates well to a book. Nor would I really want to read all my blog entries in book format—some are simply throw-away.

Third link is to A Californian’s Conception of the Continental United States, courtesy of Utterly Boring. I just thought this was funny.