Disposable Paperboard Computer

Pen and spiral notebookRouted via Slashdot comes the story of the disposable paperboard computer, which can “can collect, process, and exchange several pages of encrypted data.” It even has a generous 32KB of memory.

After reading about this, I couldn’t help but thinking that we’ve already had disposable, paper-based computers around since, well, forever. It’s called pen and paper.

And hey, if you throw in one of those sweet old-school PeeChee folders (why the hell can’t I find a web page for those things?? Other than online school supplies lists, I mean), you’ve instantly upgraded: not only your storage capacity, but processing power because you’ve got all those conversion and multiplication tables and various references at your fingertips!

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  1. Have spent over 2 hrs looking for images of those darn old school PeeChees and stumbled across your comments about them. Did you ever find any images by chance? I did see a few sites that said PeeChees were a "West Coast" thing and that would explain why my girl doesn’t remember them and I am on a mission to prove these darn things were once "hot"

  2. No, it’s the craziest thing. It’s like there’s a conspiracy against them or something. I actually have a few floating around (I used to use them for my writing folders), so maybe I’ll have to take some pictures and post them.

  3. no one believes me either, they think i just made the word up, want to buy one to prove them wrong!! here is a pic of one.

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