Everything Old is New Again

I’ve started tinkering with the design of my site here, changing things around, making the blog pages more blog-centric, and in doing so I realize that this “redesign” is basically the same design I was using up through July of last year. How quickly we forget.

As to what I’m changing, I’m simplifying the table layout and applying more style sheet rules to clean up the underlying HTML, and I’m moving back to a two-column format, with the blog content in the left column (wider) and all the rest in the right column (narrower). After staring at the three column layout for over half a year, I’ve finally decided it’s just too busy, and going with a more readable format is better. Hey, the two column layout with content on the left is almost a blog standard, if there is such a thing. Damn Movable Type for destroying the curve :)

I’m also restructuring the overall site architecture a bit, moving some clutter off the front page to inside pages, consolidating some stuff, adding some new pages to (hopefully) enhance overall usability. Maybe someday I’ll even tinker around with an all-stylesheet layout approach; I know HTML table-based layouts are anathema to some folks out there. But right now my general philosophy is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—but simplifying it is okay.