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Just wanted to give a few plugs and props to one of the better weblog-related sites out there, Oregon Blogs.

I thought about trying to describe what it does, but the best I could come up with is that it’s equal parts RSS aggregator, group blog, and weblog directory rolled into one; really, the way to find out about ORBlogs is to just visit it. It’s one of the more solid, useful and innovative blogging apps I’ve seen (even if it is written in ASP! :) ), and continues to surprise me with new features; for instance, clicking on the “info” link for a blog reveals a detail-rich page devoted to that site, including a snapshot of what the site looks like, state and city-scale maps showing where the blog lives, metatag data gleaned from the HTML source (much of it clickable), and the most recent blog posts.

Definitely a great site. Worth looking at even if you’re not from Oregon.

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  1. Agreed. The guy’s created an amazing site, and when a friend of mine in Michigan was going to take over managing the State blogs site I gave him orblogs as an example. He really liked it, too, though he’s going to try to do it in PHP 🙂

  2. (This was originally posted on the Quakes entry… moved over here.)

    Yeah, PHP is the way to go… though the ORBlogs ASP is pretty well done, too.

  3. I just found ORBlogs recently too and found it very interesting. I’ve been hoping to come across more Oregon bloggers but have not been very successful. So ORBlogs was a great find for me… and I found you too!

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