10 Replies to “Bend blogger meetup?”

  1. Des. Brewery is my personal fav, even though I don’t drink, they have awesome food.

    Of course, convincing my wife to let me out of the house might be a trick — sure you don’t want to do it during the day so I can play hookie from work ;-)?

  2. Deschutes Brewery works, but no, I can’t make it out during the work day, sadly 🙂

    Shannon/Kasey (who ARE you? ;)– they have local nights, yeah, but I have no idea what they are.

  3. i’m new to bend. monday is deschutes after 7 p.m. and tuesday is bend brew. after 7 p.m.

    i can’t go during the day either.

    or we could go to vino mercato and drink wine. ilovethatplace.

  4. Shannon– I meant "who are you" as in which is it: Shannon or Kasey? 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog since Jake pointed to it the other day.

    Don’t know about next week, though, the in-laws are in town and evenings are usually tied up with them. The week after?

  5. name is shannon. kasey is my blooger name because i kinda like to keep it on the down low that i have a blog.

  6. Yeah man, I’m all for a Blogger Bash. Ya’ll can’t hide in the woodwork forever.

    I’m all for skipping work, but and evening may be best; I just skipped work last monday to go snowboarding, play frisbee and do some putt-putt, and they might get suspicious if I decide to make a habit of not showing up in lieu of fun things.

    Ever notice how it’s perfectly okay to skip work for things that aren’t fun (dentist, doctor, haircut, death in family, nuclear plague, etc.), but as soon as you skip work to go play you’re lazy, or incompetent, or smelly?

    …maybe we should have a barbeque or something, throw some disc, get grass stains on our trousers, etc.

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