May Day

It was a stunningly beautiful day here in Bend, this first day of May. The first part of the morning was spent taking pictures down from the walls, part of our gradual effort to get ready for the move coming up in June, and not long after we’d finished boxing up a bunch of paintings and pictures, I got a phone call. Apparently the boss was heading in to the office to do some work, but found himself locked out.

So, off we went to make a day of it. After getting the boss into the building, we swung by the storage unit to drop off the boxed goods and then drove over to check out the progress on the new house. It’s coming along nicely, and quickly. There were people there working on it, so we didn’t wander around much.

Afterwards we took a leisurely route up Awbrey Butte on our way to lunch, and stopped at a garage sale on 1st Street, which turned out to be one of the most unusual streets I’ve seen here in Bend: narrow, steep (there’s a big dip in the middle), overlooking the Deschutes River, and all very nice, very expensive houses. It very much reminded me of something you’d find in San Francisco, which is very cool. I’d never seen that street before, though I don’t make it a habit to wander about Awbrey Butte much.

We had a decent lunch at Cousins, out on the deck overlooking the river. Perfect day for an outdoor lunch, even if it was a tad breezy. After that, I took the kids home while my wife went out for a bit. The rest of the day was enjoyed at home, playing outside with the kids.

Ah, May Day.

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  1. It was nice, wasn’t it? Today’s just as gorgeous. Why AM I inside, fighting the need/urge to work on more backed-up stories? I dunno, but here I am, and of course, a visit to your site means I’m not very committed to the task;-)

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