Here are some pictures of various flowers in my yard that I took today at lunchtime. No particular reason, other than I like them and since we’re moving soon, I figure I’d better get pictures while I can.

They’re not the best quality pictures out there; it was awfully bright when I was taking them, and I’m definitely not as skilled as some people. And I certainly should be better at identifying various flowering plants and trees; unfortunately, whatever rubs off never seems to stick for any decent amount of time. Anyway, the pictures:

King's ransom in dandelions
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We have an embarrassment of riches in dandelions this year. This is a small sample. I’m very, very tempted to pick as many as I can and try making dandelion wine; the only problem is, I just don’t have the time to sit down for a couple of hours to do so.

Small flowering tree with pink-purple flowers
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No, I’m not sure what this is. Maybe a cherry?

Bright red flower
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Bright splash of color on an otherwise green and brown background. The worst part is, I’m sure I know what this is…

Blooming crabapple tree
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A crabapple tree blooming. It’s particularly fragrant.

Blue flowers
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Could these be bluebonnets? At any rate, we have a good number of these and I think they’re pretty cool.

Purple flowers
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These are in the bed in the front yard.

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  1. Yeah, you’re right.

    The sad part, though, is that I first thought you meant the Doctor from Star Trek: Enterprise 🙂

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