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So, what’s even geekier than meeting up with a bunch of fellow bloggers? Well, blogging about it, of course! So, here’s my summary of our Bend Bloggers meetup tonight.

Nine of us showed up, which was pretty impressive. In no particular order, they were: me; Shannon of There’s Always Something; Jake of UtterlyBoring; Jesse of Bring Back the 80’s!; Barney of; Roger of High Desert Skeptic; Simone of On the Bright Side…; Dane of Brainside Out; and Kerry of Bend Buzz.

I had a good time; it was cool to put the faces to the sites. Though I gotta say, I was nervous enough at first and was sitting in just enough sun to warm up and start sweating like a pig for a while, which, you know, is just great for impressing people you meet for the first time. Yikes. Sorry, guys.

When someone asked how everyone got into blogging, I gave the entirely lame (but mostly true) answer of, “It sort of just happened.” Which is true, but sucks as an answer and could definitely be fleshed out. Sometime soon I’ll give a whole history, both to how I got started blogging and where “Chuggnutt” comes from.

And as to a couple of conversations that got left unfinished:

Shannon: McMenamins is known for buying up older, historic sites and turning them into brewpubs, bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants, etc. The Kennedy School in Portland is a good example, which has a brewpub (or two), a restaurant, bed-and-breakfast (old classrooms are the rooms), a cigar bar, a liquor bar, a movie theater, and more I think. The Edgefield is similar. And they’re buying (have bought?) the Old St. Francis School here in Bend and are supposed to be opening it up this fall (although they’ve said that the past 3 years).

Roger: Now that I’ve thought about it, it seems like I recognize you from somewhere as well. Hmmm…

Dane: Well, no actual unfinished conversation that I recall. I just had to say, Damn! You are animated, dude.

8 Replies to “Social Circles”

  1. No Particular order indeed, it’s the exact same order I chose: going around the table along the left starting with the author.

    Jon has no H, so Jesse has no I. Nice to meetcha tho 🙂

  2. D’oh! Okay, I fixed your name. You’d think someone who has to correct "John" to "Jon" would pay better attention.

    And yeah, I realized as I was writing I was just going clockwise around the table. That’s as random an order as any 🙂

  3. Dunno when the next one is; did we even agree on a place? I remember you were still wanting to know good places to eat…

  4. I would vote for somewhere other than BBC. Their burgers aren’t that great, not filling at all (like I mentioned *hyok!*) and it was intensely noisy and difficult to communicate. Deschutes would have been better. At least now I know, eh? It was definately worth it to get togetha

  5. I like the BBC well enough, but it *was* too noisy. I’m not sure the Dechutes Brewery would be better in that department. (Personally, I like the BBC’s food better than Deschutes’, but I like the Deschutes beers better).

    My wife had suggested at some point that we have a BBQ get together at my house (before we move to the north side in June). I’ve got a big backyard and decent deck. Maybe a sunny Saturday afternoon sometime?

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