Useless lists: Computer stuff

A co-worker who’s moving was telling me today about finding a dusty box in his attic that turned out to be an original Atari 2600, and for some reason that made me want to blog about it. Instead, this turned into a list of all the various computer and video game systems I own that I’ve accumulated through the years—all in the spirit of blogging useless lists (like I did the other day with the books left on my bookshelf).

It’s pretty geeky. And probably a little sad. Reading over the list, it highlights that I’m often behind the times when it comes to hardware. I’m retro-geeky. Read on if you dare.

Most of these items are in storage, and the older stuff is “collectible.” Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  • Atari 2600: This isn’t the original clunky faux-wood console, but a newer, smaller, sleeker version (same guts, just in a case about one-third the size of the original) that I picked up at Radio Shack Factory Outlet in the mid-90’s. It was bundled with one joystick and 20 games.
  • eMachines PC: My current computer, purchased at Costco about a year and a half ago. Runs Windows XP.
  • HP Pavilion PC: The other current computer, we picked up at a garage sale for cheap maybe two years ago. When we got it, it had Windows ME on it (I hate Windows ME!), and I finally wiped it clean and reinstalled Windows 98 on it. Works better now. I also just upgraded it to WiFi.
  • AMD-based PC: The main computer I used for a number of years before buying the eMachine. AMD K6-2, I think, running 333 MHz, 96 MB RAM, 10 GB harddrive. Windows 98. Was—still is—a good machine. I’m thinking about setting it up and using it at work.
  • Sony PlayStation (One): I bought this from my brother this year, with a bunch of games.
  • 286 PC: My old 286, running MS-DOS. It’s in storage.
  • Nintendo 8-bit system: An original NES, with several sets of controllers and games.
  • Sega Genesis: 16-bit system. Several games.
  • Pentium PC: An original Pentium, 75MHz, 32 MB RAM, 1 GB harddrive. We actually have it set up for the kids to use.
  • 4 or 5 monitors, for the PCs.
  • Commodore 64: I have at least 3 or 4 of these.
  • Commodore 64C: It’s the same as a regular C-64, only it’s in a sleeker case.
  • Several Commodore 1541 disk drives: To go with the C-64s, of course.
  • 2 Commodore Plus-4s.
  • 2 Commodore-16s.
  • 2 Commodore monitors: One is specifically a Commdore 15-something model monitor, the other is an RGB monitor that works really well.
  • Commodore SX-64: The “portable” Commodore 64 computer.
  • A ton of software and odds-and-ends for Commodore computers.
  • Amiga 1000: I think it’s a 1000; I haven’t looked at it in a long time.
  • Timex Sinclair: The little chiclet-keyboard, and a 16K RAM expander.
  • Various printers: 2 that we actively use, an old Epson dot matrix, 2 that go with the Commodores.
  • What’s left? Oh, yeah, my Sony Clié PDA. That’s notable because it has more RAM and processing power than most anything else on this list.

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  1. Why, oh why can’t you get rid of this junk each time we move…we don’t have room in the new house to store this ancient stuff. I’ve been harassing you about this for *years* (why in the world do you need some many commodores? Do you think they are coming back in style? Please let me sell some on ebay 😉

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