The Move

So tomorrow we get funded and close on our new house, and take possession. Then comes the Move; we’ll start hauling a load or two over tomorrow evening, and then Saturday is the big day. Fortunately, this time we’ve hired movers to do all the heavy lifting.

I don’t expect to be online much or at all after I leave work tomorrow, at least until Sunday sometime, maybe later. If all goes according to plan, Bend Broadband should have our cable service turned on Saturday (I think), but I seriously doubt I’ll be interested in going online after spending the day moving.

Thus marks the end of one chapter of our lives, and the beginning of a new one. It’s not the first house we’ve bought, but it will be first brand new one we’ve lived in. Should be interesting!

2 Replies to “The Move”

  1. As long as there’s Cat-5 in each room, that’d be all I’d need in a new home 🙂

    You’re moving up to NE Bend, aren’t you? [valley girl voice]We’ll, like, totally be neighbors![/valley]

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