Blue Oregon?

I keep seeing references to a new Oregon-related group blog called “BlueOregon,” purporting to reside at the domain name However, every time I try this domain, I get a “Future home of a domain” page—i.e., the domain name has been registered, but it’s parked on a generic landing page. (Even ORBlogs is showing content from it.) Is this a joke? Really bad DNS/proxy/caching/something configuration on BendBroadband’s part? What’s the deal?

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  1. Clear your cache, maybe? It did just go up, but I would think the DNS would have completely propagated by now. It’s definitely there, and pretty darned good.

  2. I just got there too and something near & dear to my heart was her blog post – NANNYs – and since mine is quitting my ad will go in the paper Friday – aggh wish me luck!

  3. Good luck 😉

    And I just tried getting to the site from work, and that was successful– so it seems like it’s an issue with BendBroadband (my ISP at home).

  4. I’ve been in contact with Bendcable and the site owners of I’m still experiencing DNS issues here at work as well, and didn’t want to mention the site on my blog until Bendcable figured its crap out.

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