Street Chicken

So here’s something odd. While driving to work this morning, I noticed a chicken wandering around in someone’s driveway. It was on 8th Street, near the 8th and Revere intersection, and here was this Rhode Island red hen nonchalantly strutting across the driveway, as if this were normal routine.

Can’t say as I’ve ever seen a street chicken in town before (we used to have unintentionally free range chickens growing up, but we lived on five acres out of town). Damn, I wish I had a camera phone.

2 Replies to “Street Chicken”

  1. First of all, yeah the above comment is spam 🙂 Quit deliberating and delete the damned thing.

    Second.. Eric owns a house on 8th and revere, the one at the north corner. Which driveway did you see the chicken in? His is the NorthWest house at that corner.

    Also, why did the chicken cross the road? *smack*, ow!

  2. I actually have neighbors in my little neighborhood (about 4 blocks from that intersection) that have chickens in their yard. They keep down the bugs in their garden, actually. They did have one get free one time, so I wonder if it did.

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