Bulletin article is out!

It hit the stands today—the Bend Bulletin article on bloggers that I and others were interviewed for. It’s a pretty good article, and I like the layout. Of course, I’m probably biased because my picture’s in it, and my earlier posts about the interview are the lead to the story…

Anyway, it’s the front page of the Community Life section. In a supreme example of irony, however, you won’t find the actual article about the online world of bloggers online anywhere. So I can’t link to it. Maybe I’ll try to get permission to republish the article online here, so it’ll at least show up somewhere online. (And how many times can I work the word “online” into a paragraph?)

Oh, and a little secret: in the photo they have of me, I’m “working” on an Apple Powerbook. However, honesty compels me to reveal that not only do I not own an Apple… but I don’t even own a laptop! Make of that what you will.