Failed beer?

This weekend I made up a batch of Toad Spit Stout, the first beer I’ve made in probably three years. All went well, I had everything sanitized carefully (sanitation is priority one in brewing), ingredients laid out, everything was textbook perfect. The yeast I pitched was Wyeast #1084, Irish Ale yeast, what seemed like a healthy dose.

I say “seemed like” because three days later, there is absolutely no sign of fermentation activity. None. It’s as though I simply poured a vial of water into the wort instead of yeast. Huge disappointment. I’ve never had this happen before; I’ve had some beers that were slow starts, but nothing like this.

So I stopped by The Home Brewer after work and picked up a packet of Cooper’s Ale Yeast—nice and simple, just to see if I could kick-start fermentation. I pitched it this evening, and I should know for sure if something’s happening by tomorrow evening, if not sooner.

One Reply to “Failed beer?”

  1. Oh please…. just as long as you didn’t screw up my wine… 😉

    It’s going good now that you added the other yeast…whenever I open the pantry, it bubbles at me.

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