Put him away for life

Disturbing local news: Deputy arrested on 180 child abuse, drug counts (from Bend.com) and the follow-up article: Deputy arraigned on 143 sex abuse, drug charges. This is way too creepy. The guy was a deputy for 10 years. So wrong.

The articles state that the “charge of using a child in a sexually explicit conduct is a Measure 11 offense and carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 70 months in prison”—I hope they apply the 70-month minimum to each and every charge he’s arraigned for (143 counts). That would put him at 10,010 months, or over 834 years. Otherwise, 70 months just doesn’t seem anywhere near long enough.

Sick freak.

2 Replies to “Put him away for life”

  1. What’s even worse about the whole thing is that the guy was a DARE counselor (according to a guy that commented on my site — can’t remember if that was mentioned in the article). Can you imagine this guy interacting with your kids?

    And sadly, he was getting paid before he resigned a couple days ago. So this sick bastard was still getting paid, despite the fact that he own employer helped with the investigation. I would’ve fired his butt a long time ago.

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