Bend Brew Fest Reminder

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, August 21st, is the first Bend Brew Fest at the Les Schwab Amphitheater. Also, a sucky note regarding the price: they advertise that if you buy the ticket in advance, it’s only $10, versus $15 if you buy at the door. However, if you buy in advance it’s not $10, but $14—they add a four dollar service fee to the ticket.

So, it’s really $14 in advance, and $15 at the door. What a deal.

One Reply to “Bend Brew Fest Reminder”

  1. They said the $10 charge was for the "bands and hired help". The $4.00 was ticketmaster’s service charge for advertising.

    If you pay at the door…the whole $15 goes to the Boys & girls club.

    I said that this doesn’t happen at Portland’s festivals and that’s it not about money, but about having a good time and she said "and enjoying sampling". This was all from the girl at the ticket info booth in the old mill district. (GI joes was NOT very helpful with information, but was going to charge 14.30 vs 15.00 at the door)

    Hope this is worth it to you. 😛

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