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  1. Zach, dude, reply man, lol, just to talk to ya… privelage! honestly, ur the man, my fav tv programme, scrubs, etc… the list carries on, lol

  2. I like scrubs! i think is very refreshing to see this type or series… at least we can laugh with it!

  3. Zach,
    you must track down a recording of Bizet’s "Pearl Fisher’s duet" and listen to it. it is very beautiful and as a classical pianist of over 11 years experience, trust me, you will fall in love with it

  4. You have to listen to The Joel Plaskett Emergency. They are amazing!!!! I’ve worn out my Garden State soundtrack and The Joel Plaskett Emergency could easily, easily be the perfect addition to anything that Zach Braff does. It’s stellar, just give it a listen! You won’t regret it. Some standout tracks are "Extraordinary", "Come on Teacher"….do yourself a HUGE favour and pick up the album "Thruthfully Thruthfully" by The Joel Plaskett Emergency. Don’t know how accessible it is in the US but its worth the search.

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