Blog bot roundup

The variety is amazing: here’s a list of various agents, spiders and bots that I’ve culled from my logfiles over the last 30 days that have to do with RSS and/or blogs (specifically blogs, not just general purpose spiders like Google’s). These are only the ones I know for sure are blog or RSS related; others in my logs might be also, but aren’t obvious about it.

Geek types, note that these strings (with wildcards mostly) can be used as-is when identifying HTTP_USER_AGENT.

  • Bloglines: The web-based feed reader/aggregator
  • kinjabot: The (currently) beta bot for the Kinja weblog directory/guide
  • Feedreader: Windows-based feed reader/aggregator
  • RSS reader: Another searchable, web-based aggregator
  • FeedDemon: Windows-based feed reader/aggregator
  • Fastbuzz News is another web-based aggregator that scans news and blogs
  • and ORblogs-bot: The crawlers for ORBlogs which compile metadata and RSS for the aggregating site
  • SharpReader: Windows-based feed reader/aggregator
  • Technoratibot: Technorati‘s crawler
  • UniversalFeedParser: Mark Pilgrim‘s liberal feed parser which is used in a variety of RSS software
  • Feedster Crawler: Feedster’s RSS spider
  • BlogBot: I think this is Blogdex‘s crawler, but I’m not totally sure
  • BlogPulse: Yet another blog/RSS crawler and indexer
  • Slower, Friendlier Spiders (BlogShares V1.35): The spider for BlogShares, the fantasy share market for blogs
  • NITLE Blog Spider: The National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education‘s spider for their blog census
  • LocalfeedsPageCrawler
  • NusEyeFeedCrawler