Roaches use Bloglines in the fall

Yikes, it would appear that I’ve taken a blogging hiatus. Not so. I guess time just sort of slipped away from me, and keeps slipping; I’ve got things to write about, I just always seem to be doing something else. So consider this the recap post for the past few days.

I’ve been playing with Bloglines as my primary newsreader/RSS aggregator, and I really, really like it. Very well done, the kind of web app that I’m totally envious of when I write web apps. The big plus is it’s web-based, so I can comfortably read my RSS anywhere, not just on the one computer at home. Highly recommended.

Fall seems to have arrived a bit early here in Central Oregon. The weather forecast this evening indicated it would be in the mid 60s this week, and 54 degrees on Saturday. I have nothing against fall, but man, where’d the sunshine go?

Cold weather’s not the only thing arriving; Simone saw a cockroach at Super Burrito in downtown Bend, Jake picked up the story and now everyone’s anti-Super Burrito. Too bad, I liked eating there from time to time. Could be worse, though, we could all live back east or in the South where roaches are a way of life. We’re pretty lucky overall.

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  1. I’d be happy to pick you up a burrito (don’t you dare come home with it) to satisfy any cravings, but that story is enough for me to go to any of the other mexican restaurants in town.

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