San Diego or bust

We’ll be on the road all next week—well, starting this week, really, since we’re leaving Friday night—on our way to visit my brother in San Diego. Road trip!

From Bend, San Diego is about a 16 or 17 hour drive. Since the kids are little, we’re spreading that over three days each way, taking it easier than just plowing on through. Of course, the portable DVD player we bought for the car should help out, too.

Needless to say, I’ll be mostly offline for nine or ten days, starting Friday afternoon. I have a slightly older laptop computer that I’m taking, but I just got it and it doesn’t have network access, either Ethernet or wireless (has the slots for them, though). I may be able to get it set up for network before we go, otherwise I’ll just rely on the modem in a pinch.

Or not. We’ll just see.

2 Replies to “San Diego or bust”

  1. Hello….on my new puter, it *does* have that wireless card. Figure it out!

    I’m not sure how I can live without the net for days on end….(ok, I think we can get on at Ben’s, but still…)

  2. That’s sad when you have to plan vacations around ‘net access.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to the coast this weekend, and will be doing the same thing 🙂

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