Bloggers this evening

We had a blogger get-together at the Cascade Lakes Brewery again this evening, it was a lot of fun and more of us showed up. I’m tired so there’ll be a more detailed post later, but here’s a short version: Simone brought Swiss chocolate. Dane wants a video game based on smashing Coke cans with a sledgehammer. Kasey can’t read blogs at work. Jesse never played Donkey Kong before tonight.

Actually, there was a lot more going on. More later.

6 Replies to “Bloggers this evening”

  1. Yeah, I believe my exact words were something like, "How can someone who has a blog named ‘Bring Back the 80s’ *never* have played Donkey Kong?"

    The crazy thing was, he did better on his *first game* than anyone else.

  2. Let’s face it. I talk big when it comes to Donkey Kong, but the sentient barrels that walk down ladders and the fireballs with eyes just throw me for a loop. I mean, Donkey Kong is just too intense and realistic for me to get anywhere past the third level.

    …now, back to Doom 3 and my meth habit.

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