Doom Dog

Okay, here’s a picture of the scariest dog I’ve ever seen—come to think of it, the entire picture is pretty freaky:

Doom dog!
(Picture found on Strong Gundogs)

Holy shit, that looks like something that would come from Doom or something…

Apparently people breed dogs like these to hunt wild boar. Jeez…

3 Replies to “Doom Dog”

  1. I don’t know if the dog killed it himself or just kept it busy for the guy to shoot it. I’d suspect there’s not much that dog couldn’t kill, though…

  2. Dude, I just beat that level. You duck around to the right side of the truck and take shots at the zombie, right in his bloodstained shirt.

    The dog leaps out of the bed and goes for your throat, but a few hits with the shotgun brings it down (so long as you shoot it in the face, not its leather jacket… is anyone else concerned that the dog is better-dressed than the man?)

    The boar comes back to life later on in the game as a zombie boar with six heads all sticking out of its back. It’s pretty rough.

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