Grand Theftendo

Via Slashdot tonight, this is totally amazing and cool: Grand Theftendo, a port of Grand Theft Auto III to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (an 8-bit machine!). (“Port” is a bit misleading; it’s all original, from the graphics to the dialogue to the code—it’s probably more of a tribute.) What’s more, the guy is writing the thing in assembly. Using an assembler and compiler he wrote himself to do the job.

Did I mention this is just a hobby that he works on in his spare time?

I stand in awe, and am half-seriously considering giving up this computer thing to become a potato farmer or something.

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  1. Hey, when I was in high school I got the editor/assembler for the TMS/9900 chipset and the editor disk was farked so I wrote my own editor 🙂 Sure, it wasn’t an assembler, but it complemented the assembler. Besides, assemblers are tons easier to write than, let’s say compilers. 😉

    Don’t worry I lost all my skizzles to. These day’s I’m suprised I can type text into a text box. Also, have you seen my peeler around here? I can’t find it in the shed..

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