Halloween Summary

As usual, it was as cold as a witch’s tit last night for Halloween, but at least it wasn’t snowing or anything; last year I wrote that it was in the teens. Fortunately this year it was “only” around 30 degrees.

Ah, but this year we live in a new neighborhood! One that’s filled with houses, unlike our old one that we could hit maybe four or five when trick-or-treating. We took the kids up and down several blocks, amassing a small fortune in candy and revelling in the wonderment of people, before the cold finally drove us home. What’s interesting is that our house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac in the new development, which only has four other houses with people in them… so our doorbell only rang perhaps three times because nobody wanted to wander off the beaten path down the dark street for only one house. So in that respect, it was very much like our old neighborhood.

Whatever, it was still a good Halloween; the best part is watching the kids enjoy it more as they get older and have a better grip of what’s going on. Although my youngest needs to work on his timing: they’d ring the doorbell and he would immediately say “Trick or treat!” before anyone actually opened the door.

And Jake has the best Halloween story. I think I’m most glad I don’t live in his neighborhood :).

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  1. If I remember correctly, you don’t live too far from me now that you moved, I just live in the older sections of the area, which are cheaper and full of white trash 😉 You’ve seen my rants about my neighbors, haven’t you? If I didn’t like my house, I’d move.

  2. Your son sounds like mine except our snafoo was when he’d say "thank you" as the door was shutting often causing the home owner to whip the door back open to respond, either that or he’d be upset that they didn’t hear him. Still lots of fun

  3. Yeah, I’ve seen your neighbor rants. I think I’d give serious thought about moving when you’ve got that serious an infestation… 🙂

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