Not so PC

Just a braindump of some ideas I have that wouldn’t really be considered very politically correct…

Like a series of books like the “For Dummies” books, only these would be “For Tards.” They would be much more simplistic; with titles like “Keyboards for Tards” and “Books for Tards” I think they could really be successful…

Then there was this idea for a sitcom that I had—a homophobic ex-Marine, a flamboyantly gay man and the ex-Marine’s mentally retarded brother are roommates sharing an apartment in a big city somewhere (maybe San Francisco). Man, that would write itself.

2 Replies to “Not so PC”

  1. Eating Corn Flakes for Tards (with a whole chapter on how to NOT cook them). Or more advanced books. Like AOL for Tards would be a good read. Or what about a Tards for Tards book for Tards that don’t realize how stupid they are? Maybe the Books for Tards would be all one page, printed just the front of the page, with notes on the back to turn page over.

  2. Yeah! I knew this idea was a hit! 🙂

    Though I’m thinking now the first one should be "Elections for Tards." Or something.

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