Some people just have too much anger:

A woman has been arrested for digging up her dead boyfriend’s ashes from a cemetery more than 10 years ago and drinking the beer that was buried with him, possibly out of spite for his family, authorities say….


Detective Jay Yerges said Stolzmann and Hendrickson were living together in the early 1990s, while they were both married to other people. The relationship was stormy, with a pattern of alcohol and domestic abuse, he said.


Stolzmann was present when Hendrickson shot himself in January 1992. Yerges said Hendrickson’s family blamed her for his death and she was not invited to his services.

“I feel that her motive was spite,” Yerges said.

No kidding.

Although, I have to wonder: why was he buried with beer in the first place, and what kind was it?

Via A Good Beer Blog.