The weekend in Portland

I’m pleased to report that Portland is still where it’s supposed to be. Or at least, it was when we left on Sunday, I can’t really speak for any time after that.

We stayed at the downtown Residence Inn over the weekend, which despite being located right next to I-5 is a rather nice hotel. Our room had been upgraded to a two-bedroom suite at no charge after my wife told them the sob story about our miserable night in Stockton next to the freeway, so we ended up with two full bathrooms, three TVs and a full kitchen. They have a very good breakfast for guests, beyond the typical continental breakfasts of juice and muffins you usually see. The only drawback (aside from the freeway) was that they have road work and construction of some kind going on literally all around the hotel, so getting in and out is a hassle and confusing at first.

No WiFi in the rooms, though. They do have high speed internet access, but it’s ethernet-based and sadly, I don’t have a card for that in the laptop. So be warned.

Oh, the other thing was that I forgot to take my own pillow with me; I can’t stand hotel pillows and just have the hardest time getting a good night’s sleep with them. I figure I must be getting old.

Took the kids to see “The Incredibles” and then to Chuck E. Cheese’s on Saturday. “The Incredibles” was fantastic; my next entry will be about that. Chuck E. Cheese’s, well, it’s been awhile since I’d been there, so I’d forgotten just how crazy that place is. Like Vegas for kids, as my friend Justin said. I’ll probably let another year or two or three pass before I take the kids again :).

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  1. You think they will really let you go two to three years before Chuck-e-Cheese again? LOL…In your dreams…How ’bout the next time we’re in Portland (except for surgery)…they whine about it.

    Wanna bet?

  2. That’s why I’ve been avoiding C-e-C when I go the valley. Don’t want the kids exposed to it, potentially getting them addicted, and giving me mega trouble. It happened to my in-laws, and I ain’t letting it happen to me, dagnabbit.

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