So Ken Jennings finally gave up the ghost on Jeopardy today. Actually, to those of us who already knew about the rumors flying around the net and even listened to yesterday’s spoiler audio clip from the show, it’s no surprise. Of course, everybody will be—is!—speculating on whether he threw the game on purpose (out of boredom) or genuinely lost.

My own thoughts at first were in the threw-the-game camp, but after seeing the show I’m on the fence. It seemed like an obvious Final Jeopardy question to miss, so maybe his loss was a little bit of both factors? Only Ken Jennings knows for sure.

Is it just me, or is that Wikipedia page on Jennings that I linked to above totally insane in the amount of detail it has? Good lord, people need to get a life.

Myself included.

One last note, though. I should be on Jeopardy. I would totally kick ass. Especially against the kids!


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