December 1st

December is upon us already. Bust out your advent calendars (we did), hang your wreaths (we did), Christmas is a mere 24 days away. Was Thanksgiving really less than a week ago? Jeez, having this cold must be screwing with my sense of time.

I made my traditional fruitcakes over the weekend. Really! I (loosely) follow a recipe from an older Betty Crocker cookbook, it’s better than most modern fruitcake recipes I’ve seen, and I wrap the fruitcakes in brandy-soaked cheesecloth to mellow for a month (or more, depending on when I make them). That’s the secret, soaking in brandy and aging. I love my fruitcakes. You would, too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the recipe I use.

Gotta gear up for more holiday baking, too. Gingersnaps, sugar cookies (shaped and cutouts), fudge, at least. I remember one thing my mom used to make for the holidays: dates stuffed with almonds and cream cheese and rolled in powdered sugar. Awesome! More work than I want to take on right now, though.

Mmmmmmmm, December.

5 Replies to “December 1st”

  1. Um, there are *so* many things that you need a serious reality check 😉

    First of all, I had to gang up with K. to get out Christmas stuff, Mr. Grinch. Maybe the cold is making you forget the huge fight we had over the weekend about this. It’s always a *huge* process to nag you to get the decorations up, let alone the tree.

    Second, the crapcake is nasty no matter which recipe you use. 😛

    Third, Lest you forget that I’m still on LA weight loss for 3 more weeks (22 days) and if there is junk in the house, you know I’ll want it. Yes, I plan on splurging for Christmas, but there are is not going to be much baking prior and I don’t know how much you plan on keeping, but since you and I are going on diets after to lose at least 10 more lbs (you could stand more…since you were a stick when i met you), there isn’t going to be junk in the house after Christmas.

    Reality check, baby 😛

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