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Over on, they announced a full implementation of a search field suggestion box:

The function list suggestions we started to test a year ago seemed to be working better as some bugs were found and fixed, so it was time to make the result available on all pages.


Whenever you type something into the search field, while having the function list search option selected, you will get a list of suggested functions starting with the letters you typed in. You can browse the list with the up/down keys, and you will be able to autocomplete the function name with the spacebar.

Couple things I find interesting about this. First, it predates Google Suggest by a year (prior art that everyone heralding Google Suggest seemed not to notice); did Google get the idea from the PHP site, or is this more common?

The second point is a bit more trivial, but I noticed when I was trying it out by typing in “date” that there are two additional PHP date functions that appeared in the list: date_sunrise() and date_sunset(). These are new to PHP 5. They take a timestamp, latitude, and longitude and return the respective time of day for sunrise or sunset. What’s interesting is that they are remarkably similar to two functions I had written well before PHP 5 came out. (“Written” is subjective, more like “adapted,” probably from a Java function somewhere.) However, from the looks of the manual, these new built-in functions only take a Unix timestamp, which limits the results to dates between 1970 and 2038, while my functions take any combination of month, day and year. The point? I just like to toot my own horn sometimes. :)

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  1. We all know you’re a PHP stud, you don’t need to rub it in on us PHP wannabes. I still am in contact with the PHP gods Andrei and Monte, so 😛

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