Ebook notes

A couple of things related to ebooks. First, Palm Digital Media—the main ebookstore for the Palm Reader format ebooks, and the one that offers (offered?) up the tool for making your own ebooks for free—is now apparently eReader.com. What’s the difference? Well, eReader.com is entirely commercial, it seems; they offer their “eBook Studio” for a nominal price; also, I don’t know if these ebooks are compatible with the Palm Reader software.

The Palm Digital Media site is still up albeit sporadically. I can’t tell if the software and pages for making ebooks is still there, and if it’s free; what a shame if it isn’t. If that’s the case, I may offer the appropriate software to download here.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who filled out the request form on my free Palm ebooks page over the past year. I got a lot of hits, and I didn’t respond to most of them just because I didn’t have the time to get to each one. Rest assured, I put all requested books that I can convert on my list. And, to everyone who requests current books (like Harry Potter books, Dan Brown’s books, Tolkien, etc. etc.), sorry, but I can’t legally get them for you. Anything that was published in or after 1923, unless released by the author, is still under copyright and only available via legal means (read: commercial means). Yes, I have to cover my ass.

Basically, I’m converting books from Project Gutenberg, and looking for current books that authors like Cory Doctorow have released online for free. So, a good bet if you’re requesting something is to check and see if it’s on Gutenberg first, and let me know.

And, I’ve just tonight released James Fenimore Cooper’s The Deerslayer in ebook format. Go to my ebooks page and check it out!