The Book Barn

I stopped in at The Book Barn in downtown Bend today, looking for a particular book or two, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed. They have a nice space (formerly occupied by the Chelsea Lane wine shop), but it just seemed, I don’t know, sparse. I can’t really quantify it more than that, but it’s not the Book Barn I remember of yesteryear, when they were across the street (Minnesota street), occupying two stories, and were about three times as big.

At least they’re one of the “old time” businesses that are hanging on downtown, though.

3 Replies to “The Book Barn”

  1. I think they told us when we popped in, that they simply can’t stock everything, but they can order almost anything and get it within a day or two with no shipping charges. Keep that in mind next time you want a book and want to keep it local.

  2. I love the book barn because they can order everything for you. I don’t mind waiting a few days and I love the fact I’m supporting a local busienss.

    You have just reminded me to pick up some books I ordered from them.

    I do love’s used list which is mostly used booksellers that are usually independent.

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