4 Replies to “New Bend blogger”

  1. …why, thank you for the kind mention! I actually date back to last January as a guest poster who became the only poster on a blog called Ruminate This. Unfortunately my site owner has disappeared from the face of the earth and the blog has encountered near-terminal technical difficulties that I don’t have permissions (much less the technical knowhow) to fix, so I decided to move my action over to my own blog and join Orblogs. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jack, nice blog from fast skim, but … that e-mail address atop it needs fixing, no www’s go in e-mail addresses, only Websites!;-)

  3. …uh….oops…

    …that’s what you get when you let natural resource managers mess around with html in templates. I guess the old joke is still alive: How do you know if a forester has been using your computer? Because of all the eraser marks on the monitor screen….

  4. Has it only been a year at Ruminate This? Sure seems longer. Thanks for the link, Jack, I’ll throw both into my as yet unpublished (soon) but ever expanding (seemingly) blogroll.

    I remember Chuggnutts.

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