Google in The Dalles

I first spotted the news a few days ago on Metroblogging Portland: Google in The Dalles. Then my wife read about it online this morning, and now it’s on Slashdot. Sounds interesting, but it seems like kind of a random place to plunk down a data center (if that’s what they intend to build). Well, it’s better than Medford or Umatilla, I guess.

I wonder if this means The Dalles will be the next technology nexus in Oregon?

…yeah, right.

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  1. The land up there is probably far cheaper than someplace like in Central Oregon or even the Portland area, and they can probably get easy connectivity to the ‘net, as I know there is LOTS of fiber optic running down I-84 because of the all the military installs up in the area. It’s proximity to the Washington/Oregon border is probably no coincidence, either, as then they can probably get workers from across the river as well, or even long-haul commuters from the Portland area.

  2. Geez.

    The Dalles can’t even supply local talent to staff their new Home Depot.

    All we needed were some freakin’ trash cans with wheels and locking lids, so we could keep all the smelly kiteboarders from rummaging through them.

  3. I think it is very weird placing a google in The Dalles, its a very small boring town, and i would know i live there. I think it would be good for the economy though, and would supply a lot of new jobs, that is, if they hire people from The dalles, and not everyone from across the River or Portland people…WE need the jobs, especially since the aluminum plant plumaged a few year ago.

  4. I just know everyone is asking me if i am going to work for google. the market is nice here the houses are selling in less then 2 weeks time, I am fully employed fixing computers, selling, etc. So it is keeping the market flowing smooth for me. We needed a change.

  5. Just be happy that employment opportunities are coming to the Dalles. I think everyone is just worried that The Dalles may make a comeback and people will stop feeling sorry for the unemployed people that live in the area. Developements in the port could potentially gain a large amount of commerce for The Dalles.

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